The reality of NASA’s unexplained files

We do not seem to be alone in this universe of ours. Along with the usual suspects, angels etc, there are many people that think that there is a strong possibility that alien races from other planets or dimensions may share, and even interact with us, in our reality.

Whilst we are on the subject of the possibility of alien interaction with humanity it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of TV programmes, especially on the more obscure satellite  channels, that take this subject very seriously.

Recently I watched one that I had saved from some time ago. It was called  NASA’s unexplained files.

As its title suggested, it was concerned with footage taken by astronauts on the various space missions from the 1960’s onwards.

Visually very beautiful, (lots of wonderful deep space shots) it was interesting if only for the various interpretations of what was actually seen and recorded. These included,

  • Flashing lights called fire flies by John Glenn or one of his first missions in the 1960’s. Although he believes that he knows what he saw, others think  now that it was just ice crystals. It is worth mentioning that it was pointed out by the programme makers that he was chosen, as a ex WW2  fighter pilot, for his sense and clear thinking and observation skills under stress.
  • Jim Lovell reported in, a 1965  space mission, seeing a cluster of  “boogies” around the craft. This refered to what was known in WW2 as enemy aircraft. Although the official line later was that they must have been confusing them with sight of the rockets own booster, the astronauts stressed that they could see the booster at all times.
  • Strange light shapes were seen by several missions. Some were clusters, some seemed to form a circle and flash and some were red. All these were analysed and dismissed as either space debris or optical illusions.
  • The first moon mission saw a UFO of some sort on their journey. It was apparently not reported out loud at the time as the mission was broadcast live on TV.
  • The most interesting clip was shown from 1990’s. It showed an object. This changed direction at a right angle as it was being filmed. (Unlikely to be a natural object or ice then). This was followed by a strange flash of light. This could be interpreted as a laser  weapon of some sort. It could even  be said that the object changed direction to avoid this.

Different views

Interestingly for every high ranking expert, including the astronauts and astrophysicists and image analyzers, there was almost always a different opinion on what it was that they actually saw. Some believed firmly that these objects were natural phenomena just distorted by the lenses of the filmers. Other believed just as firmly that something strange beyond our current understanding  (possible involving extraterrestrial craft )was going on.

All I can say is that the consensus does seem to be that as more and more planets around other suns in our galaxy are being discovered, it would be strange if life in some form had not evolved on some of them. We could be being monitored or visited by probes or craft from these worlds.

Alternative arguments

The two main arguments against these possibilities.

  • Even if alien races do exist, the vast distances involved across the galaxies mean that they simply could not get here unless they traveled for hundreds of years. The counter argument is that: this assumes they would be limited by the technology as ours, which cannot even begin to travel at the speed of light let alone  any faster.  this may not be true for a more advanced race.
  • If we were being visited, why have they not made contact? Some would say, how do you know that that has not happened and been covered up? Also to answer, this one of the scientists presenters finished by intimating that they may be here but we are just not seeing them. “We should be thinking in different ways and looking in different places”

Aspects of reality

1-Even Nasa cannot properly explain some of the images it records.

2-It would be strange if life had not evolved on other planets in our vast universe.





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