The reality of numerology

Of all the predictive disciplines that I looked at in my book researches, the one that felt most alien to me, at first, was numerology. Why does it and why should it work? Its origins seem to go back at least to the time of the Greek philosophers, if not longer. The theory is based on the premise that numbers are significant. Number is the basis of all things and numbers have meanings of their own. It was, and is, thought that by manipulating them, cracking their hidden code, we can find our life’s purpose. They are a gateway to the spiritual laws that exist and govern the structure and forces of the universe and our lives. By breaking the codes encrypted in these numbers we can, in theory, find our own life’s path. Is this likely?

 How does it work?

The essence of numerology is that our names and date of birth are significant . By converting the letters of our names into numbers we can, in theory, find out our character, heart and personality. This is done using a code. Every letter has a number assigned to it, one to nine.  Every different  number indicates character or life purpose .To find out about ourselves (at least in the system I looked at) the resulting numbers are added up. If it is ten or over then these figured are added together also. For example 13 would become 1 + 3 which would equal 4. Adding up the vowels only would give heart character, adding up consonants gives personality. If my name added up to a 7  then, for instance, the book says this means that I am a natural loner, a recluse, someone who enjoys solitude and working alone. 8 indicates a practical and dogged nature.

Problems with the theory

Whether you believe in the principle or not there are many obvious problems with name analysis.

  • Which name to use?  For instance, I am usually known by my second name. Also I have been married three times so have had four surnames. I have, therefore, had eight possible variations of name. Adding up these different combinations gives me different values. Which numbers or names do I actually use?

There are two possible answers to this question. Firstly, I am told that you must use the name that you are most usually known by. This then eliminates four of my possibilities. Still I need to know which name is significant.

Having crunched all possible combinations of number, strangely and spookily, two pattens emerged. The numbers 1 and 3 kept emerging. My “real” first name gave me a 1.

What about my different married names? Funnily enough the values of my current and last married names, both add up to a 1. My first married name is again a 3. Time and time again 1 and 3 came up. The values ascribed to these numbers in the numerology book  do chine in with a lot that I know to be my character.

  • The second problem with numerology is , of course, which number code do you use? Who is to say which is the correct one? There are slightly different numbering systems according to whether you use the Hebrew or Latin convention. Who is to say why certain letters have certain values whatever numbering system is used?

Numerology and life path predictions

Numerology will also predict your life path, worked out on your date of birth. In this you just add up the numbers in a straight forward manner. My date of birth was 31.12.1949. 31+12+1949 = 1992. 1+9+9+2=21 This again makes me a three. Other recommend adding every digit separately. This gives me 30 which is still a 3. (3+0=3) The 1 of my name and the 3 of my birth date actually harmonize. I can see aspects of my character in both. If they were the same it would emphasize the characteristics, I am told. If the given characteristics conflicted then there would always be some inner conflict in your character. I am told then numerologically, therefore, that I am a 30/3. This number will therefore show me, in theory, my life path.

As a 30/3 I am told that I come into this world with a strong creative energy and drive . This does fit the bill with my writing and communicating skills. It is nice to think that I may be fulfilling my life’s purpose in writing this book!!!

Further variations

It is also believed that by adding day and month of birth to any year, it is thought theoretically possible to determine the characteristics of the year according to a nine year cycle. It would be possible to determine in theory what sort of year that you were going to have.


Big picture questions

Before embarking on my research numerology seemed to me to be the strangest and least logical of all the tools of divination. How could, given the problems as outlined, it actually work? I was very surprised at the personal patterns that emerged. It does not, along with any of the other disciplines that I have looked, at such as astrology and palmistry, seek to tell your hard future. It is, in the end, just another type of sort of  satnav indicational tool for guidance though life.

 Possible explanations

There may of course be some practical explanations as to why it works.  Could this be just nature’s way of randomizing life, to give greater diversity thus maximize survival of the species? Is it just a natural property of living in the energy matrix that we do? Are the practitioners just tapping in to natural laws, mathematical pattens inherent in the structure of the universe,  that are not properly or generally understood? Or do we, at a higher level get to choose the sort of life we need to experience, deliberately choosing name and date of birth to enable this? That numerology does have credibility, despite the odds, may indicate there is a big picture around the universe and our lives that is beyond, at the moment at least, our understanding.

We are back to the difficult and fundamental, and probably unanswerable questions.


What do you think?



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