The reality of death and other dimensions

As we move forward in our search for definitive understanding of reality, we must look for further clues in what is around us. Anecdotal, biblical and the often strange experiences of individuals, do give us glimpses of a universe that is more complex than just the practical solid world that we see about us.  Glimpses of other entities that seem to be sharing our world, angels and nature spirits for instance, give more insights.( If you are interested in these topics, check out the category OTHER BEINGS IN OUR REALITY). Other, unseen, dimensions are hinted at in looking at these entities. Is there any proof that these dimensions  exist?  One important set of clues can be found  when we look at what happens after the death of our physical bodies.

Death and other dimensions

Science is now taking the possibility of a multi dimensional universe very seriously. What proof do we have of the existence of these dimensions, on a personal level? Disregarding for the moment the conventional religious scenarios, what happens when we die is a massive clue. We understand that our soul, or essence, does seem to exist separately from the physical body, and may move to another dimension after death. How can we know that? We know because of personal experience of those who have seen ghosts, and from those that have communicated with the dead. This has  allegedly been done  by the departed from  other dimensions, wherever they may be. Check out the posts that will be exploring all these possibilities.

Aspects of reality

Those that have passed on seem to be able still communicate with us from another dimension if they choose. This does indicate that there are other dimensions around us that we just cannot see.



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