The reality of our personal new year

It so happens that my birthday is on 31st of December.19** so every January 1st I know that I am a year older. This makes, for me, New Year’s resolutions even more potent and important.

This year I realized two things,

Firstly, rather than make detailed lists, especially those involving giving up chocolate, it would be better just to resolve to be the best person I can be in all areas of my life. This would be both easier and more difficult, hard to measure, but would be a year long effort, not just for January!!!!!

Secondly, I wondered what the reality implications were for this? This may seem a strange question, but I spend my time looking and writing about many facets of out reality ( as per my book- Aspects of Reality-a user’s guide to the universe). How can the knowledge and insights I have gained translate into something mundane as Earthly New Year’s resolution?

There were several things I thought of;

  • I have come to think of life in this reality as being almost some sort of interactive video game. Everything we do, even small things, affects all around us. Lets make it a co-opertive game rather than a competitive one, as far as possible. If we all work, even in small ways to improve the game it will be a win win situation.

  • I found reality to be more uncertain and more individual than most people realise. If you look at the quantum level, every possibility, every variation is there simultaneously. We just seemingly choose, or manifest, which we are conscious in and are aware of. Lets manifest positivity and good choices this year. For the greater good as well if possible.

  • Astrologically it its to be a bit of a roller coaster year. A year of changes on all levels. All important changes usually involve challenges. We do not always want them, even if it means that they are better for us long term. If plans for us and the planet are really written in the heavens then they will happen, whether we want them or not. Let us just resolve to face all challenges with good grace and a positive attitude. In any changing situation there are winners and losers, lets just hope, and work for, any changes being for the greater good.


2 Responses to “The reality of our personal new year”

  1. Steve says:

    Very interesting thoughts there Marian, thank you for sharing 8~) I too feel like we are in some type of video game but with spectators to view our action’s and thoughts. I think that the reality of our reality is very questionable or at least hard to define as such. When looking at the, for every possible outcome has and will happen ~ multi~dimension’s, hmmmm well that just opens up the door to a library full of unanswered question’s and thoughts about the soul and consciousness…

    • Marian says:

      Thanks for all your comments…..the nature of consciousness is a big clue…but to what? That is the real question. As limited beings perhaps we are not supposed to know. All we can go on are the clues or reflections back into our physical Earth. Certainly the more I look the more I come across questions rather than answers. I love the input from every one else on facebook..together we can move nearer a truth perhaps.

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