The reality of who we are-3 our universal energies

Last time I discussed the fact that, seemingly solid, we are in fact no more than energy beings in sea of energy. Even our thoughts and our spirit bodies are forms of energy. We could actually be holograms or a computer simulation. The physics of the vibrating energy parcels that make up the atoms of our, and indeed the whole of creation’s, construction (quantum mechanics) mean that we are all interconnected on an energetic basis.

There are other energies that are part of this matrix though. Alongside gravity and magnetic energy, and the energies of the Earth ( not to mention the mysterious dark energy and dark matter about which nothing is certain), fundamental particles continually flicker in and out of existence. This is known as zero point field.

Earth energies

The energies bound up in our Earth are very interesting. This is particularly so because of the ancient and current research in to tapping them to provide energy. Not only did Nickola Tesla design a way of giving us all wirelessly transmitted free electricity over 100 years ago, there us a suspicion that our ancient ancestors (including ancient Egyptians) used and transmitted the power. It may have been used to create anti gravity technology which was used in the construction of ancient sites.

Dowsers, of course, have detected Earth energy flows throughout history.

What are Earth Energies?

What they actually are seems to depend on what research is consulted.

  • Are they generated by a lattice work pattern of cosmic energy built in to the structure of the Earth at its time of formation?
  • Are they part of the so called Russian grid, which sees the Earth as a giant crystal? The theory states that the underlying structure can still be detected and may have influenced the siting of ancient civilizations which seem to have been placed at intersections of this grid or along its lines (ley lines?).
  • Are they just a function of natural gravity?
  • Or are they part of something which we do not yet understand?

They could of course be all four at the same time.

More research needed!


Aspects of reality

We are no more than energy beings living in an energy matrix.

There are energies bound up in our planet Earth, which we could perhaps use to power our civilisation, and may have done so in the past.



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