The reality of palmistry

Over these last few weeks I have enjoyed looking at those arts and skills  that seem to either predict the future, or seem to act as guidance systems , or  sort of satnavs, to humanity. in doing this I have gained increasing insights into how the universal forces are said to work. The last of these arts that I will look at for the moment is palmistry. This can be also known as Chiromancy and is another ancient and much practiced skill.  As usual my questions are; What is it? Where does it come from? How do you do it? and how could it possibly work? What does its working mean for reality?

What is it?

Palmistry is the study of the lines ridges and bumps on your hands. It is supposed to indicate both your characteristics  and health  as a human being and  some people believe, your fate.

Where did it come from?

I read an article on the Internet recently which credited the ancient Indians with conducting autopsies trying to work out how the human body really worked.  In taking copies of the palms of the deceased’s palms they noticed recurring patterns and correlated them to the characters and lives that they had lived. They then built up a data base as to what lines etc indicated what about the person. This formed the basis of palmistry.

How does it work?

The theory is that your dominant hand, usually your right hand, has marks  that can be read to indicate the current pattern of your life and health. This will change as you progress though life.  The brain is aways re wiring itself over the years and your experiences and the marks should change to reflect this.The other hand is your destiny hand, and this has your intended fate in it and will stay the same over your lifetime. I am told that it is not as simple as that in practice, but those are the general principles with which most people work.

Some lines, of course, you are born with and reflect your genetic inheritance. Health and tendency to certain conditions  may be relatively easy to see by a practiced reader. Some do say, however, that the lines are affected by your soul also and it is possible, with skill, to use palmistry to foretell the future.

This today, however, does seem to be the minority position. Most palmists I have spoken to use it to do character analysis only. By looking at the character and health clues in your palm, then with knowledge of your position, hopes and dreams, a generalized future can be projected forward somewhat. This is not the same as seeing a “hard” future in your hands.

The mechanics of palmistry

Where palmistry rises above current science is in the more esoteric readings of the lines and bumps.

On reading your hand, most practitioners will look at the lines, ridges and shapes and their interaction. For instance, according to some practitioners, a straight heart line means that the head tends to rule the heart. A V above this line may denote emphatic qualities. As with astrology, the meaning of different lines and bumps cannot be read in isolation. Their interaction is just as important. For instance, lines showing the tendency to be a free spirit may be modified by stiffish thumbs (which could indicate a tendency towards rigidity).

Satnav or fixed fates?

It does seem that you can over-ride what is written on your hands at birth. The indications of possible paths in life, and the characteristics which may enable you to achieve them may be there at birth. How ever, free will may override and change the lines on your dominant hand. For instance, I was told when I consulted a practitioner, that my dominant hand showed more spiritual development and creativity than my passive hand showed to be my fate.

Palmistry then can be used as an indicator of health and as a Satnav of guidance, using the revealed traits to help plan an effective future. Some practitioners, of course, will use other psychic skills to look into your personal actual future.

What does it all mean?

 On a practical level, could your future be imprinted on your hands before birth? Can your health be indicated by palm size, finger length and colour of nails and skin? Well on one level that is not far fetched. Things like comparative finger length has be recently proved to be an indicator or testosterone levels in the womb. Nail shape has long been thought an indicator of heart problems. Circulation problems can be detected in colour of the hand skin. Other genetic markers like this may also exist in the lines and bumps in the hand. Some do even say that homosexuality is inherited and can be shown in a certain v shaped line on the hand.

We do get back to the interesting question here though. If you believe that your fate is written in your hand at birth, does it mean that life is preplanned? Or pre chosen at least?

If you do believe that palmistry actually works in recording your destiny, what does that mean of the true nature of our reality? As with all these predictive skills new layers of and purposes to reality are hinted at.

What do you think?


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