The reality of reincarnation

reincarnationDuring my long thread on Karma, the assumption almost always was that we have many life times to both accumulate it and work things out. This also presumes that our soul/essence does go on after physical death in some form and enters new bodies for each life time. We may chose to be reborn in any sex, colour or social position. We can live lives from all angles. It also assumes, therefore, a bigger purpose in life and that there is on one big picture level, anyway, a degree of planning for our soul experiences. Some people believe that reincarnation is essentially a belief that a person has to live many lives and improve in each (reducing negative karma) until they become a pure soul and either finally lose self-awareness into the mindless soup of the cosmic mind or go on to a higher plane and not have to reincarnate again.

Does it actually happen? Well, there is yet no scientific proof, but re incarnation is accepted in many religions and cultures as a fact, and has been for centuries. There are many books written by people who have felt that they have lived before and have gone back and identified people and places involved in past lives, including things that they could not have known unless they were actually living there then.

We are supposed to be reborn with a clean slate, no knowledge of our past lives, but sometimes there is bleed through. Even your irrational fears can be clues of past life trauma. For instance, I personally do have past life memories coming up. I know I have been trapped under boat in a cold northern sea and drowned. I could feel the heavy beam on my chest and frustration and sadness when I could not escape. This may explain why sailing always freaked me out, even though I am a good swimmer and not afraid of the water!

Aspects of reality

There is much, albeit anecdotal, evidence that we live many lives.


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