The reality of reincarnation


Despite what the mainstream of society may think, I am personally sure we have lived before. Our consciousness, essence or soul, whatever you want to call it, seems to leave our physical body at the point of death.  Sometimes it comes back to inhabit a different body, and live a different life in the future. We can only speculate as to why this should happen, and what aspects of reality are indicated by the phenomenon.

We are not supposed to remember these past lives. We are born with a clean slate, but sometimes these past life memories bleed through. This can cause problems in the present lives. There are many stories of past live retrieval in the public domain.


I came across a book recently that added substantially to the available evidence. It was called Soul Survivor; The reincarnation of a world war 11 fighter pilot by Bruce Leininger.

It is the story of his son James. He had terrible nightmares from a very young age. Strange things that he said over a period of time, gave clues to a past life as a fighter pilot, crashing and dying  in the war.

The father, Bruce was very sceptical. Nevertheless he chased down all the clues, and eventually even managed to identify who James had been.  James had war time information that was correct, but not in the public domain. There is no way that he could have known it as a small child, unless it was from personal experience.


The search was particularly interesting as Bruce was totally sceptical when he was doing it. He was a catholic and did not believe in reincarnation at all. He was actually looking for ways to disprove James’s story. He felt it directly conflicted with the teaching of his church. He eventually came to the conclusion though, that (and I paraphrase)  if God had chosen to do this for his own purposes, who are we to argue.

Aspects of reality

There were several interesting aspects of reality illuminated by this book.

  • We do go on in some form after physical death.
  • Therefore there must be somewhere to go, other dimensions or places outside of creation.
  • James described meeting others of his friends that had died in the battle, when he reached where he was going after death. We go on together and meet loved ones again.
  • Although most western religions do not teach re-incarnation that does not mean that it does not happen. The  dogma of  the established churches is not necessarily correct. That does not  mean that God does not exist, but that the establishment view on him and religion’s  teachings, may not be the whole story.
  • Why should we live more than once, for what purpose? What big picture of the universe could require it to happen?

Interesting stuff, what do you think?




6 Responses to “The reality of reincarnation”

  1. Chloe says:

    I have thought about whether it is possible for my babies to have lived before. As a mother of three I have looked into there little eyes and come to the conclusion that no they haven’t. I personally think that passed life memories are genetic memories. They are(in some cases) real memories of real lives but they are carried through the genes. Having said that I do believe in the soul. That may seem like a contradiction but it’s what I feel in my heart having wondered long and hard about this issue in regard to my own children.

  2. Marian says:

    I do remember dying though in a previous life. I have been trapped under a boat on a cold northen sea and drowned. This cannot be genetic may be collective consciousness though.
    We are born with a clean slate so babies are not supposed to remember. Rachael did say hello when very tiny, if you remember.
    Genes and the soul are not a contradiction. We have genetic skills and maybe memories, The soul is an add on to the human biological body. It comes in at birth or just before and leaves at death.We can over ride our genes if we choose to with this energy.

  3. Chloe says:

    Universal consciousness as well as genetic memory yes. I still feel the individual soul hasn’t lived before. Yes I know the theory is we are supposed to forget everything. A Child looks at the stars or the snow falling out of the sky with complete awe. I don’t feel on some unconscious level they’ve seem in all before. Also as you’ve said the subconscious effects us in a big way. If we had lived before or behaviour from the start would surely be effected by our subconscious. Children are a completely clean state body, mind and soul

  4. Chloe says:

    Take Marky for instance. At 3 he’s completely the product of his upbringing. He’s cuddly because he’s cuddled. He completely copies and learns from his family and friends. I can see the influcence of his Genes apart from what hes learnt by example. For instance he has an emotional temper (mine!) he hasn’t been shown that though. I’m very calm these days! James is very like me in different ways he’s also shown a talent for Cricket My Father and Granfathers genes. So i’m saying I don’t see any past life parts of those characters coming through which would surely be there even though forgotton on a conscious level.

    • Marian says:

      We are born deliberately with a clean slate, or what would be the point. Usually past life bleed though happens, if it happens at all, in adult life.
      Although the book I read recently, which is on my kindle, told the story of a young boy with terrible nightmares , who did remember dying in world war 2. His dad was very sceptical , but traced back some clues and eventually found who he had been and the circumstances of his death. He, the boy, actually knew things that were classified and he could not have known. It was particularly interesting as the dad, felt as a catholic he should not believe in any of it.

  5. Chloe says:

    I would be interested to hear some other views?

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