The reality of seeing other dimensions

The world around us does seem solid and fixed, yet there are the theories that the reality of our universe may actually be multidimensional. (see posts, The reality of multiple dimensions, The reality of strange dimensions). As there is yet no actual scientific proof that these extra dimensions exist. The concept seems very strange. The next question is then, if extra or alternative universes are there in our reality, why can’t we see or detect them?

The short answer is actually that it just may be that our human perceptive equipment may just not be up to the job. We are designed with two eyes, each giving a  slightly different view of the world to enable us to see in 3D.

The brain co-ordinates the images to give us this 3D view of the world. Some people with faulty equipment see the world as flat and 2 dimensional.

There is a famous case (as described in the web magazine  called The Big Think) of someone called  Susan Barry who was born with strabism. This meant she could not see in 3D. She only saw the world around her in 2D flat. She was given exercises and managed to re-train her brain into seeing 3D and her world was transformed. Things had depth for the first time.

The point is that this extra dimension was always there, it is just that her brain could not see it. Could that be true for all of us with other dimensions that could be around us? Could the scientists be right after all?

Aspects of reality

As limited beings we cannot necessarily see all that is around us. Some people do get glimpses though.



2 Responses to “The reality of seeing other dimensions”

  1. stargate13 says:

    I actualy see other dimention in pictures I see all other beings at first it scared the crap out of me now Iam ok with it still sometimes what I see is still frightning I see them but I don’t understand messages at all.

    • Marian says:

      Amazing, what do they look like?
      I know it is so difficult with our limited sense organs and brains to really see.
      Have you come across the “flat land ” concept?

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