The reality of seeing the super clues

Whatever the mainstream may think, the truth is that our reality is teeming with energy (healing or manifesting) and energy beings (angels, orbs and nature spirits to name just a few). Most of which seem to be here to help the Earth and humanity.

The old question is then, why don’t we all see them? Well, it is on one level a factor of different quality of sense organs, some people are just more sensitive and open. The other factor concerns how our brain deals with what our eyes see, how it organises the information.

Children often see things that they should not but are trained out of it. We all are to a certain extent. There is also the problem of categorising what we do see. Sometimes we think we have imagined things that are actually really there.

This all came home to me when I was writing my thread about orbs. I realised that I had
seen some but had not known what they were and thought I must have been dreaming! I then trawled my memories for other clues to the true nature of reality that I had seen all along. To my surprise I came up with several, including the one that started me on my life long quest to make sense of the true picture of our reality. Next time I will tell you what they were, but I would love to hear about any you may have.

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  1. Judith Lock says:

    Hi Marion
    I think your summarising article to be very informative and thought provoking.
    I have long thought ‘psychic powers are a female/negative/yin energy or DNA trait passed down the female line, like your mum.
    The female lineage is difficult to trace due to centuries of women taking the male family name at marriage.
    Is this a power thing. Christianity suppressed female influence. Eve the wicked temptress, as for Lilith Adam”s first wife well she had a mind of her own and was called witch.
    It would seem this female psychic energy has been suppressed, but why?
    In Indian culture girls take their mother’s name and boys their father’s.

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