The Reality of Spooks

As before often mentioned, when looking at aspects of our reality the clues to what is actually going on lies in the anomalies that we see around us. That is those things that logically simply should not be there if the world is as we have been told it is. One such anomaly that is much mentioned this time of year is the existence of what we call ghosts or spooks.

There is always a degree of skepticism about the existence of ghosts, that is indeed until people actually see them!! As it is near Halloween, the Sunday Times Newspaper  actually ran a full page article on the matter. It was called “Everything you always wanted to know about GHOSTS but were afraid to ask”

Types of ghost

The article helpfully listed 9 types of  spook or spook type experience.

These included, among others,  traditional ghosts, time slip experiences, elementals, poltergeists and animal ghosts. All these have been seen or experienced by many people over the years.

Science and Ghosts

As the article says

“..once in every generation or so, we use advances in science to try once more to understand what “ghosts” actually are.”

Scientist have looked at the impact of low frequencies on the human brain and even in stimulating the temporoparietal region of the brain, with inconclusive results. Once scientist is even trying to fire individual brain neurons to try and see whether doing so could cause apparitions.

These particular quests  are all assuming that somehow we are generating it all in our brains. That somehow  it is not real. This would then mean that the current scientific model of reality need not be challenged.

Some of the peripheral stuff  may indeed in the future be seen to be brain generated. But the majority of those who have seen or interacted with any of the above types of ghosts  know that these  spooks do exist as  phenomena beyond our personal imaginings. The anecdotal evidence is just to strong to believe otherwise. At the very least, something strange, beyond the mainstream version of reality,  is happening. Once science understands that and begins to look properly, it may find the proper version of reality, in which these phenomena are explainable.

Aspects of reality

The existence of ghosts poses interesting questions about the nature of our reality. what it does show, though, is that our physical reality is only part of the story.


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