The reality of strange dimensions

When looking at all the strange scientific theories about the reality of the universe, none are more fascinating than those concerning the physical possibilities of a multidimensional universe or universes. These theories give us possibilities of very strange realities indeed.

If you remember I discussed some of these theories in a post in April.( The reality of multiple dimensions.) As in all these theories, we just do not know what is the truth of the matter. No one has actually seen one, however hard they try and look. Indeed I heard a scientist remark on TV, that with our current technology, it would probably be impossible to do so. They only think these extra dimensions may be there because their existence would solve many current scientific puzzles and anomalies.

What could they look like?

Some think that the extra dimensions as proposed in string theory (see post The reality of multiple dimensions) could be minutely small. They could be curled up microscopically tight. They could also be infinitely large.  Others think that the mysterious dark matter which drives much of the structure of the universe, but is unmeasurable and undetectable, may be matter in a fourth dimension affecting our three dimensional universe  gravitationally. No one really knows for sure.

Aspects of reality

As they strive to put the puzzle of how the universe works around them into a coherent whole, the concept of  multiple dimensions to explain otherwise unexplainable phenomena, is a growing  way forward for many scientists.

It is worth mentioning though that they have been searching for solid proof for over 40 years and have not yet found any.  Interesting stuff anyway.

Aspects of reality

Are we actually living in a multidimensional reality? If so why are we not aware of them? Or could we be getting glimpses but not know what they are?




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