The reality of super clues

coverfrontMy book, Aspects of reality – a user’s guide to the universe, looks at the hundreds of aspects, science, spirituality, cosmology and even philosophy, that seemingly interact to create the reality in which we live. In my short form book and talk (Seven Aspects of Reality) I identify the seven main aspects. These include topics such as; what we are made of physically, contrasting creation theories, the mind/body conundrum and the large and small scale scientific theories that actually seem to indicate a more uncertain universe than the mainstream would allow.  Conclusions are, of course, almost impossible, apart from the fact that we are, at base, no more than energy beings living in an energy matrix living in a physical universe  which may  be multi- dimensional. Also, that there is a strong case for our essence / soul/ consciousness continuing in some form after death.

It may be that as limited beings we are not equipped to, or supposed to know, the real big picture. Within these topics though, there emerges super clues that do indicate a level of reality beyond that which we can see or yet can detect.

Super clues

  • The nature of human consciousness, it seems powerful beyond that which would be necessary for evolutionary survival and can be shown to continue after physical death.
  • The mystery of life- why life?
  • The nature of time.
  • The concepts of good and evil and karma.
  • The existence of the ashkatic  records.
  • The fact that we do not seem to be alone in this reality.

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring these super clues and indicating, where possible, what their very existence means for the truth about our reality and the true nature of us.


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