The Reality of the Akashic records- ancient

akashic records

Akashic records

When researching re-incarnation and Karma, I came across a concept called the Akashic records. Akasha- means air or sky  or space  or aether in Sanskrit. These  records, somewhere beyond physical creation, are supposed to hold the energetic records of all souls, past present and possible futures, and some say our collective wisdom. They are  like a data base of a central computer system. It is like an organizing system for our many incarnations.  The knowledge of their existence is not a new age phenomena, but is actually ancient wisdom.

Where could they be kept?

They used to be generally thought of as a library of books. One for each life time per soul. Some sensitive people can access their records, usually in a meditative state. As the ancients  envisaged information to be in book form, that is what people would see. Some people, though, who work with the spirit body believe that this information is also encoded in that, and visible our individual Auras.

Their very existence has massive implications for the nature of our reality here on Earth. Further research uncovered an even more interesting modern take on them though. I will look at that next time.

Aspects of reality

If our past present and future lives are stored somewhere  then our reality cannot be random, it must be designed. By who or what is another matter.

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