The Reality of the energies of Earth

In looking at all of the aspects that make up our reality, I am only too aware that not only there are things we do not yet know, but there are things we can never know with our limited human brains, at least in our present incarnation. When ever I begin to think I am getting a reasonable grasp of the big picture, something always comes to my attention that indicates a whole new layer of reality or perspective on things.

For instance, I always thought that human consciousness somehow held the key to understanding our reality. This is still probably so, but our thoughts, like all of creation are energy, and I am now beginning to understand that a grasp of the fundamental energies that permeate through us and our world may throw a whole new light on the subject.

I had of course expected to research the magnetic and gravitational energies that flow through our Earth. It was my research into ancient aliens and hints of lost civilizations which  piqued my initial interest. Our ancient ancestors seem to use energy generated or enhanced by the natural energies of the Earth to power technology, which built the mysterious structures that no one know how it was possible to construct, even today.  More recently, Nikola Tesla was fascinated by using Earth energies to construct a world wide power grid of free energy over 100 years ago.

It is, of course, even  more complex that. We, and the earth itself and all on it, are made at basic level of nothing more than pockets of energy in combination (quanta). So our atomic energy and our spiritual or subtle energy add to the earth energy mix.  At that level we, and our energies, are all connected to the bigger picture  throughout creation. The Earth itself seems connected to a much bigger universal picture also.

So, in the next few weeks I will be looking at all these aspects and trying to make sense of them and how they contribute to our reality. Follow me on this journey of discovery.

Any input or information would be much appreciated.


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