The reality of the Hara

One of the very interesting new (to me) concepts beyond science that I came across when researching my book (Aspects of Reality– a users guide to the universe) was that of something called the hara.

What actually is it supposed to be? The hara, I am told, is an ancient concept used in many Easten traditions, ancient and modern.  The word means  ‘sea of energy’. The theory states that this hara, embedded in our energy or subtle bodies, acts as  a link or portal  connecting us to the  universal etheric energy field which is said to surround our planet.

Where is it and what does it do?

This portal or energy conduit is supposed to  exist around two inches behind our navels. The theory goes that energy is drawn down from the etheric energy field into an invisible internal reservoir called the ‘tan tein’. This energy is then available for use by the internal organs, especially the intestines, as this is where the food we ingest is turned into energy. This energy is mixed in the tan tein and distributed where needed in the body. An open hara and a full tan tein is thus vital for our health and vitality.

Does the Hara actually exist?

The concept of the Hara is very strong in many yogic, taoist and other Easten religions.

The energies in question are not, as yet, measurable by our Western science. Physical proof of its existence is not possible. That does not mean to say it does not exist though.  Adherents would say that it is actually impossible for our complex human bodies to work as described in the medical text books. Extra energy must be coming in from somewhere.

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