The reality of the Nazca lines

nasca1South America has a rich history both in ancient alien and current UFO experiences. As in ancient Egyptian and middle eastern cultures, there are clues to visitations left in the surviving thousands of years old stonework on the cities and temples.

The Nazca lines in Peru are often mentioned as proof of alien contact. There are massive and extensive geoglyphs, animal and geometric shapes and lines constructed on the desert floor by removing the top layer of soil and exposing the whitish rock below. Some are so big that they can only be properly seen from above ( in a space craft?). There is a particular one which is known as el astronorto, which does look like a man in a spacesuit.  Some do resemble runways and are built with an accuracy that seems unlikely without proper plans or birds eye view.  They are supposed to have been made by the primitive Nazca people, who apparently disappeared around 500 AD.

Funnily enough I watched two programmes about these lines this week. In one a group of scholars deduced that they were extensions of a Nazca temple complex and were used in rituals. Another stated that their very nature almost certainly meant that there had to be an other worldly hand( alien) in the construction of at least some of them. It was also pointed out that the extensive lines pointed east to the mega cities that were also abandoned around the time the Nazca vanished. Skulls found on these sites were large and elongated, almost not human at all.

Anyway, further research needed!

Aspects of reality

Clues to our ancient extra terrestrial visitors are there if people choose to believe them.

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