The reality of the sub conscious mind

As regular readers may have noticed, I am fascinated by the way our brain works. In particular the great debate concerning from where our consciousness, which makes us us, comes from interests me.  My apologies therefore for returning to the subject one more time. Nothing is more important for our perception and understanding of reality that our conscious mind. As always seems to happen, as soon as I start thinking about a topic, Horizon, the BBC science programme always seems to oblige me by running a feature on it.

This particular programme (called Out of Control?) concerned the topic of the subconscious mind, and how it  seems to feed into our conscious mind.  It particularly affects our actions in both  perceiving and coping with the world. The broard conclusion seemed to be that, we are mistaken in thinking we have much control over either function.

A series of strange experiments claimed to show that,

  • Our actions in doing physical tasks are not as random as we think, they are driven by patterns in our subconscious and then fed into our consciousness. We have much less control over them than we think. The good news is that if these pattens become faulty, we can somehow re-progamme them.
  • Our eyes are continually taking snapshots of what is around us.  But our subconscious is filtering what our eyes are actually seeing. Our consciousness  would be overwhelmed if it had to process all of it at once. My corollary to this would be, does this explain why eye witnesses to the same event sometimes see different things? Are their subconscious filters just slightly different?

These are both interesting points. Both illustrate the complexity of what we think are straight forward thoughts and actions that we experience day to day.

Most interestingly though, when asked what the ratio of conscious to subconscious mind we possess, nobody really knew. The consensus was though that the proportion of of conscious to sub conscious was very small. That is, that is the subconscious mind is much much bigger that the conscious thinking bit of us.

Aspects of reality

  • The mechanical  workings of the human brain may becoming better understood. But what drives the real  essence of us, as individual human beings, seems to be becoming much more complicated.
  • We are driven to to act as we do, and see what we see,  more by using our subconscious than our conscious mind.
  • Is our  subconscious just part of our mechanical brain workings? Or could it come from elsewhere, as some people believe our conscious mind does?
  • It is possible to undo faulty filters in the subconscious, if you know that they are there. Mind over matter!!!!!!

What do you think?


3 Responses to “The reality of the sub conscious mind”

  1. Chloe says:

    Yes I think it is possible to heal the subconscious. Going back to the ‘beginning’ the moment we arrived free of conditioning can be experienced through meditation.

  2. Marian says:

    I did a lot about healing at the start. I always find healing with the mind particularly interesting. Look and see what i did, your comments would be particularly interesting.

  3. Chloe says:

    Ok I’ll have a think about it and leave a comment soonx

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