The reality of theta healing

As I have discussed in previous posts, our brains are a buzz with waves of biochemical and bioelectrical energy that are created by the operation of the physical brain. We naturally go in and out of various brainwave patterns, beta, alpha and theta during the day. I came across an interesting form of healing recently which uses one of these brainwave patterns, the theta. The theta brainwave occours when we are in very deep state of relaxation often reached in deep meditation or attained in deep hypnosis. Its is akin to sleep or a trance-like state. In the theta brainwave state we are able to access the subconscious.

How does Theta healing work?

Theta healing was founded by Vianna Stibal, ( ThetaHealing® )The theory is that by making the mental changes required in theta brainwave state, we are able to change the messages that are sent to the DNA and so make powerful physical changes to the human body and its energy system. It is a powerful healing tool. Your own mind is being used to heal your body physically and mentally. It believes in the power of prayer to invoke change.

The bigger picture

In the bigger picture, there is a belief that we carry, within our energy systems, beliefs and subconscious behaviour patterns which can either have been created in this life (core), past life (history), ancestrally (genes) or at a soul level. Theta healing accesses these beliefs and makes any required changes for mental and physical health. The beliefs can be held on any of these four levels. It is thought that it is the combination these personal beliefs that create our immediate environment and our life as it is today. Theta healing has no specific religious affiliation and is not linked to to any race, creed or religion but it does believe in the power of positive thought, as in prayer, to invoke change.

What does the practitioner do?

The practitioner accesses the theta brainwave – which in spiritual terms is known as the 7th Plane of Existence – the pure Source/Creator energy, to command that changes in beliefs are made in the client.

ThetaHealing® is a meditational process that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator. In a nutshell, it healing that is done on a psychic level, through the therapist, directly into the client’s subconscious without their need to go under hypnosis.

Practitioners believe that it is one of the most profound and successful healing mechanisms available. It is particularly effective and fast at clearing subconscious blockages. Certainly everyone who has experienced theta healing would tend to agree.

The belief is also that, as in quantum mechanics, that there must be an observation of change in order for it to take place.

Aspects of reality

The success of Theta healing invokes several interesting aspects of reality.

  • It assumes that the mind can be used to heal the body.
  • It assumes that we have lived before and that past life problems or habits can impact on our present lives.
  • It recognizes the powerful effect of accumulations of things, from all sources, in our sub conscious that can affect our physical and mental health.
  • It assumes the existence of a creator or source energy.
  • It believes in the power of prayer to invoke change.
  • It invokes quantum mechanics, the principle that matter only takes its final form when someone observes it, to explain some of the mechanism.

This is all very interesting. What do you think?

Anyone interested in receiving, or doing a course, on theta healing please contact

Caroline Cousins, TARA Health Solutions,

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