The reality of time revisited


I had lots of feedback- thank you- via Facebook after my last post about time. (The reality of time and does it matter about the reality of time?)  One of the questions asked was, how can time be simultaneous and seem linear at the same time? How can we get our heads around this concept? The easy answer is that our limited physical bodies are programmed, or have evolved, to perceive time as being linear. Our sense organs do not necessarily register all of what is around us in the universe.

The truth is as beings limited, as we are, by the quality of these sense organs (eyes, ears etc) and the capacity of our brains, we may not be able to understand the real answer. In the end it boils down to the ultimate questions of the nature of our consciousness and the real reason why we seem to be living in this universe at all. That is, who as human beings we actually are and what we are doing here. These are the real questions, and until we understand them we cannot really make sense of the conundrum of the nature of time. The question is very difficult and perhaps we are not supposed to know !!

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.

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