The reality of universal and spiritual energies

In looking at some of aspects of reality that make up our world, science has served us very well. To really understand what sort of creatures we actually are though, we have to move beyond science into the realms of the scientifically unprovable esoteric theories.  We are getting into stranger and stranger territory!!!!

As before mentioned, on a purely scientific level we are beings, at base, made of nothing more than pinches of energy and we live in an energy matrix. (see post –The reality of living in the energy matrix.

But as I have hinted at, beyond that some people believe that these physical measurable energies are not the whole story.

The subtle body

As mentioned in previous posts, the theory goes that  alongside our physical bodies there is a subtle or etheric body which works in conjunction with the physical body to enable it to function. In fact beyond this some people believe that there are many layers of spirit body leading eventually up to the Divine.

In theory there is a cross over co-operation and interaction between the physical and the subtle bodies. Eg Stimulants used in the physical body can negatively affect the subtle body and  stress in the subtle body can unbalance the physical and cause ill health.

There are also lines of etheric energy flowing down the physical body, some believe embedded in it, called meridians. Manipulation of these is  used as a healing tool. ( See  posts, The reality of using reflexology, reflexology in practice).

Energy to power this subtle body comes from an external source, namely a so called etheric field of energy which surrounds the Earth. It is this energy field that many alternative healing practitioners use to heal imbalances within the human body which they feel are causing ill health. Last year I covered other ways of healing using these subtle and spiritual energies in some form. (see The reality of healing with the energy body, The reality of healing using the energy matrix, The reality of  healing  using the meridians).

Etheric energies

The energies which drive the subtle body, which enter it using the chakras and the Hara, (see previous post- the reality of the hara), are theoretically pulled down from the etheric energy field which has been put there for this very purpose. As none of these energies are measurable, there are those that simply do not believe they exist. Any proof is only anecdotal. Alternative health practitioners would say the proof is in the successful healing that they routinely do. There is also a belief that the human body simply could not function as science describes. It must have the sort of help that a subtle body can give to co-ordinate and redistribute energy as required.

Energy blue print

Some people take the theories a step further and maintain that the complex human body can only grow to its final form because of our individual etheric blue prints. The body grows to a preplanned design and maintained by this blue print.

Aspects of reality

Assuming that they do exist, the very existence of these etheric energies throws a huge spanner in the works of our understanding of reality.

  • Humanity cannot possibly be a random accident of evolution. We must have been carefully designed. For what purpose?
  • Science does not have all the answers. These energies cannot be measured yet, what else unmeasurable is vital to our existence?
  • Who could our designer be?
  • What bigger picture of existence does this energy’s existence really indicate?

What do you think?


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