The reality of what science does not know-Dark flow and dark matter

Reading my post title one would assume that I was anti science. On the contrary, science has always fascinated me. I have the greatest respect for those who make sense of all around us. What interests me is that, on the cosmological level, there seems to be more and more disagreement on the true nature of the universe and its origins.  At the higher levels, conventional science seems to be inadequate to answer some of  the fundamental questions. Contradictions abound. This may have implications for our understanding of reality.

In the last few posts I have talked about various cosmological ideas, and  how high level scientists seem to have different possible answers as to what is, and has been, going on. As well as the areas that I have already identified, ( see The reality of what science does not know- big bang or not, Aspects of reality- before the big bang, Reality and the speed of light. Aspects of reality- the search for the God particle)there are other mysteries that baffle every one. Perversely the impact of stronger and stronger telescopes, and space probes, has made every thing more mysterious. On some level, they are not finding answers, they are just finding more questions.

The edge of the universe

Even with all the millions and trillions of galaxies identified they have not yet found the end, or edge, of the universe. What they have observed, though has not always behaved how current laws of physics, in particular gravity, would have predicted. To explain what has been observed they have developed two concepts. They are dark flow, or dark energy and dark matter.

Dark Flow

Moreover, the galaxies they have found further and further out from us, as they virtually  look back in time, do not seem to be moving how they were expected to. It was thought that  gravity would slow the expansion in time.  In fact, patches of matter in the universe seem to be moving at very high speeds and in a uniform direction.They are  accelerating rather than slowing. This  can’t be explained by any of the known gravitational forces in the observable universe. Astronomers are calling the phenomenon “dark flow.”  Roughly 70% of the universe seems to be made of from this mysterious energy, although what it actually is is not yet really known. There are many theories and explanations, including the suspicion in some quarters, that Einstein’s  theories on gravity may actually be wrong on this scale.

Dark matter

This is really strange concept, difficult to explain by an amateur like me! Apparently it is missing matter. It should be there, to make sense of observations, according to scientific calculations. They know it must be there, but  cannot see it, or detect it. It is said to make up to 25% of the universe.

Aspects of Reality

Dark matter and dark flow make up between them 95% of the known universe. What they really are, science does not yet know. What we see, and think we  understand, is just 5% of the whole. Our scientific cosmological model, and thus its explanation for reality,  is uncertain.  Can we be sure of anything then, what do you think?


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  1. Christian says:

    “To explain what has been observed they have developed two concepts. They are dark flow, or dark energy and dark matter.”

    Are you sure that there are 2 concepts? I think they are separate concepts (ie 3 concepts) but that is not to say there is no link between the 3.

    However, conventional thinking either accepts dark energy or dark flow but not the 2. Dark matter can co-exist alongside both. However, that is not to say that there is no possibility that we find out sometime in the future (probably distant!) that all 3 do exist or that there is actually one concept that ties all 3 together.

    • Marian says:

      Fair point, as a non scientist I am just looking at an amalgam of what different scientists say on the matter.There is not always the consensus that you would expect. My real point is though that we just do not really know what is going on. Non of it actually may turn out to be what is expected.

  2. Hi Marian, you probably do not need any more opinions of dark matter. Still,,,

    Hypothesis: Dark Matter is being utilized for the production of stars, galaxies. In an unnamed process dark matter acquires an unknown particle (boson?) in an extremely endothermic reaction, which enables it to participate more fully in the affairs of a baryonic universe. Dark energy, a byproduct, accumulates in those interstices between galaxies, contributing to the expansion of the universe.

    • Marian says:

      H Charles,
      Thanks for that, very interesting. Baryonic universe?
      Always keen to update my knowledge.
      Some one told me that they thought that they were begining to be able to detect the dark matter. Is this true?

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