The reality of what science does not know-Big Bang or not?

When looking at aspects of reality I always start with the science. It has been a wonderful tool for making sense of the world around us. Last week I added a post about the latest, high level cosmological thinking. Aspects of reality- before the big bang, based on a BBC Horizon programme that I had recently watched. The premise was that the big bang, the explosion of energy from nothing, which created our universe, probably did not happen. The high level physicists were proposing mind blowing alternatives. Imagine my surprise when I watched not one, but two, science programs this week that contradicted this.

Firstly, the enduring hunt for the Higgs boson, the so called God particle, was the focus of another Horizon. If you remember, the standard model of particle physics, which seeks to explain all the actions and interactions of the particles which make up our universe, is not complete. They do not know why energy becomes mass. For 50 years they have been trying to complete this jigsaw. They have theorised that there must be a field and /or a particle that allows this to happen. They call this the Higgs field and Higgs  boson.

The large Hadron Collider at Cerne, near Geneva is active in this search. They are accelerating and colliding to smash protons. The scientists state  that in doing this they are trying to reproduce the conditions at the time of the big bang.The tracks that the particles which make up the protons leave as they emerge in the moment of  destruction are recorded. New particles would emerge as anomalies. This is how they are searching for the Higgs.That the big bang did not occur is not considered.

Secondly, An interesting PSB programme about the evolution of the telescope, traced the emergence of the big bang theory, via the astronomer Hubble ( see post Aspects of reality- before the big bang) as previously explained. This not only assumed that the big bang happened as stated, but also explained how the first radio telescopes found evidence of the afterglow of the big bang in the microwave energy that surrounds us.

Aspects of Reality

Who are we to believe? These are all brilliant and well qualified men. Some are Nobel prize winners. The truth is that the more powerful the research instruments and telescopes, the stranger the observations. We are at a point that the ultimate truth about the origins of the universe seems, if anything, more uncertain.  In our search for the truth about reality, science is making things more complicated, not easier. What do you think?


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