The reality of who we are- 2

Last time (The reality of who we are -1) I looked at our human construction and explained that actually, at base although we perceive ourselves to be solid, we are nothing more than beings made from vibrating pinches of energy called quanta.

There are two problems here,

Firstly- When you are dealing with the physical laws which rule these quanta, the ordinary Newtonian physics do not apply. What does this mean?

Secondly- If we are beings made out of pure energy, how do we know we are real and not holograms?  Good question, this I will deal with next time

Strange quantum laws.

The key difference between ordinary, or Newtonian, physics and quantum mechanics is that in ordinary physics identicle particles in identicle circumstances always act the same way. The universe is like a machine. For every input there is a predictable output.

When you are looking sub atomic, at the quanta, this does not apply at all. Uncertainty is the key.

In these strange particles and their behavior may even lay the explanation why some people can do things that they just should not be able to do, such as read people’s thoughts or manifest changes in their personal reality.

Quantum mechanics

The initial mystery is that sometimes these particles act as particles, and sometimes they act as waves, for no particular reason. Waves can do things that particles cannot. They can seem to be in two places at once. They can cross vast areas and jump spaces.

The subject is very complex, and indeed I read just this week that science needs to get back to basics on the fundamental laws, and probably may not have completely understood it at all. For my purpose, however,there are two laws which are of particular interest.

Firstly- non location. This states that once a particle has been contact with another particle, any changes in one will affect the other. This happens even if the particles become separated by a vast distance. As we are all products of the big bang, we are all energetically connected on one level. As our thoughts are nothing more than bio energy, are thoughts should be all connected also, whether we are aware of it or not.

Secondly- When a particle changes form, or links up with another, it instantly takes every possible position before settling on one. This only happens when someone observes it. Does this mean we manifest our own reality? If we are not observing is it not there? Or can we change it by observing it?

Aspects of Reality

On an basic energetic level we are all connected. We may be able to change or manifest our own reality.


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