The reality of who we are-4

In my last few posts, looking at who and what we actually are, I have been talking about the fact that we are, at base, nothing more than energy beings living in an energy matrix. I have also hinted that we may well be either holograms or a computer simulation. (Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX certainly thinks we are!)

Most people would say that they know that they are ” real” and not holograms, because they can touch themselves and others, they can feel pain and pleasure, they can smell, taste and see what is all around them. The answer is that all of these senses and sensations are all products of the human brain. Simply put, for example, when you touch a signal goes to the brain, via the nervous system, which then instantly registers a sensation of touch in your awareness. The same with all our senses. In fact the only way we know we exist depends on great enigma of human consciousness. We only know WE exist personally as individuals because we are conscious/ aware of the fact.

Human consciousness

One of the great mysteries of humanity is the nature of our consciousness. Some believe it is just a factor of our human biology, originating as part of our human brain. Others think that it is something else originating from elsewhere, (so we could be inhabiting hologramatic bodies). In other words, is it one system or two? That is biological brain alone, or biological brain and external consciousness operating in harmony. Also, why does it matter?

Evidence of separate consciousness

Although as yet there is no scientific proof of the separation of consciousness from the human brain, the anecdotal evidence is substantial. Those that have experienced out of body, near death experiences, seen ghosts, communicated with the dead or remembered past lives would tell you that it is indisputable. The interesting question this opens up though is what does it say about who and what we really are and where have we come from? What aspects of reality does this illustrate?

Aspects of Reality

  • Our human consciousness can be seen as separable from our human bodies.
  • It can be seen to go on somewhere after death, and even to inhabit different bodies over time.
  • The nature of that somewhere, or the reason that we choose to incarnate as human beings is another matter.

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