The reality of Zero Point Field

sub atomicparticles In my post of a couple of weeks ago, (The field explained)  14/7/2014,I was highlighting the fact that at base, we and all seemingly solid objects around us, consist of nothing more than parcels of vibrating sub atomic particles, known as quanta. We are actually energy beings who live in an energy matrix. Gravitational and electromagnetic energies and the energies within out atomic structure hold everything together.  I also pointed out that there is also field of energy which permeates all of existence and which is constantly interacting with these quanta.This is known as Zero Point Field.

This exists, and is measurable, because all the elementary particles around us constantly exchange energy.  So called virtual particles  pop into existence, interact with each other and exchange energy, then annihilate each other and instantly vanish. This is not a new discovery but has been known about and discounted in other calculations for many years.

Aspects of Reality

Firstly, the universe is not stable or static but a seething mass of sub atomic particles popping fleetingly in and out of existence. Where do they actually come from? What more don’t we know?

Secondly, there is this vast untapped reservoir of energy which perhaps could be used constructively one day.

Thirdly, as energy beings living in this matrix do we actually exist at all?





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