The reality of our human energy bodies

When talking about what we are as human beings, it has to be remembered that, on one level, we are in fact beings made of nothing more than energy. Seemingly solid, the atoms that we are made of are at base nothing more than pinches of energy themselves. Also, the constant biochemical energies of  our bodily functions  also generate electrical traces. Our thoughts and emotions are also nothing more than biochemical energy. These traces can all be detected. They can be photographed by special sensitive cameras. They can also be physically seen by those sensitive to such things. These traces are called auras. Auras are the egg shaped energy fields that surround our physical bodies and can be used by some as a diagnostic and healing tool.

The sort of energy body that we are discussing in my sixth aspect of reality do not particularly concern only these physical energies. They refer to something much deeper. They refer to the multiple unseen energy bodies that  we are all said to possess and some feel are vital to our existence as human beings. Their very existence is  indicative of a much bigger picture of  a universal  structure that is said to exist, probably beyond our mortal understanding.

The subtle body

Although it is believed that there are multiple layers to these spirit or energy bodies, the first layer, or subtle body is the one that we humans are able to detect and work with.  This subtle body is a body made of spirit energy that works in combination with our physical body. It functions along side the physical body (some even say that it is a blueprint). This holds our thoughts, emotions and of course our soul energy. Indeed the belief is that our purely physical body could not function without it.

The theory is that every living thing will have a subtle body. It is an energy body, not detectable by science. Some people also believe that even non living things may also have subtle bodies and may possibly have some form of rudimentary consciousness.

Healing with the subtle body

It is held also that there is constant communication and interchange between the subtle and physical bodies. Some people feel that our thoughts and emotions can transfer from the biological body to the physical and affect our health and vice versa. Therefore it is this body that many healers feel that they are working with. Re-tuning of this subtle body enables the physical body to re-balance and work better. It can also allow the physical body to then fight infection or heal illness or wounds etc.

Multi layered subtle body

There is much about the subtle body in esoteric literature. Some mystics maintain that we have more than one, seven is mentioned, rising through the different dimensions in which we exist, up to the divine. This concept has been around for many thousands of years in many cultures, especially Eastern. There are many different variations of theories on its nature, and what it actually consists of, and where it comes from.  The consensus seems to be, though, that it concerns all aspects of ourselves that are not physical. This  means our thoughts, emotions, and of course our soul/consciousness.

Aspects of reality

If these many layered spirit bodies do exist, then it puts a whole new complexion on the nature of our reality. We are not just stand alone biological beings, we are part of a much bigger, unknown to us, system.

What do you think?


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