The world grid

Whilst looking at Earth energies, whatever the current science and logic, there are in practice many different theories about what they actually are, how these energies are arranged and what that means for the big picture of our reality. Gravity is particularly interesting.

Gravitational forces hold us, and all of the solar system planets, in position, orbiting around the sun. The moon is held in position around us. What is this gravity? Obvious you may say, it keeps my feet on the ground, but its reality is more contentious than that.

Simply put, is it just an attractive force between heavenly bodies, lines of force keeping us on the Earth, or is it a warping of space time as Einstein thought? Anyway gravitational forces flow through the Earth. I have looked at gravity whirlpools and ley lines in previous Earth Energy articles. Check back if you are interested.

There seems to be some agreement that there is an energetic gravity grid flowing through our Earth. This gives rise to three fundamental questions.

1-What is the shape of this grid? Is it a series of even lines as in the left hand illustration or is it more complex as in the right?

2-Could it be connected to the greater universe?

3-Could, or has in the past, this web of energy been used to power ancient civilizations and could it be used to power ours?.

More research needed! I will try and answer all these questions in the coming weeks.



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