Theories of reality-the case for God

When looking at how our universe came into being, we can only puzzle over what that creation means for the truth of reality. If you may remember, one of the possibilities I looked at was that we were created by a supreme being or God. Many people, all over the world believe in a God, a creator of us and the world and everything in it. A substantial number of people believe in our Christian God. That is the God of the Old and New Testament. Is there a case for this God?

Why religious belief?
It can be understood that our ancient ancestors needed the idea of God or Gods as a survival mechanism. When life seemed brutal, dangerous and arbitrary it is comforting to look for an outside reason for things that are happening. If good and bad events could be seen to be directed by an outside force, then that force could perhaps be placated by worship or ritual and sacrifices. A bad harvest could mean mass starvation. When family and friends die prematurely, it is human nature to look for a bigger picture, and comforting to believe that life goes on in some form. Is it just a human need to feel that there is a big picture, that life is not just random? Atheists would probably say that that was what religion is all about, no more.

Hard wired into our genes?
Belief in a higher power may have been hard wired into our genes as a survival mechanism. You could better cope with disaster if you thought there was a bigger picture and it was not all random. Belief that God was on your side would make you more confident and stronger. Belief in afterlife could help you to cope with the loss of a loved one more easily. You would behave better towards your fellow man, to the advantage of society in general, if there was the concept of being judged by your actions and punished or rewarded in an afterlife. Could this instinct towards religion have developed sorely because it was a genetic advantage for early survival? Has it been hard wired in to the brain? By chance or by design? The religious stories may not have spread and taken root in our culture, had there not been an idea in our subconscious that physical life on earth was not all there was.

There have always been people through out the millennia who have seemingly communicated with powers other than those that are merely earthly. Prophets and seers have been taken very seriously through out our civilization, by the educated as well as the ignorant. Some would say, from where else, other than from a higher power, a God, could they have received their information and guidance?

The watchmaker
There is one argument that is used to “prove “ the existence of a God, or designer, that has some value. It is called the watchmaker analogy. If you were walking in an uninhabited desert and saw on the ground a beautiful watch you would know that some where there is a watchmaker. The planet earth and the human race are such a beautiful complex harmonious construct, like a complicated watch, that they must have been constructed. Therefore somewhere there must be a constructor of humanity. Whether it is the conventional God or not is another matter.

A matter of faith
There is, as we have seen little actual proof, other than strong human instincts, that the God that we have been told made us and our soul, actually exists. That is why believing in God as a creator is called faith. Faith is believing without proof. Is the idea of a benevolent creator likely? What are the alternatives? There are those that believe that we are designed, by a designer of some sort. The possible nature of this designer is even less clear than the theories surrounding the conventional religious stories.

Many people feel that there is a mechanism, in that part of our consciousness that does appear to go on after death, for the existence of a soul.

Other than that, we can only look to individual’s personal experience for any sort of proof.
I asked many people who said that they believed in God, how did they know he exists?
Answers I got ranged from, they just knew instinctively, to those who had experienced strange, otherwise unaccountable events, which could only have happened due to divine intervention of some sort. I include in this miraculous healings (see post, healing with divine intervention).
People some how feel that they have felt the presence of God in their lives, so he must exist.

The existence, or not of a creator God is an intriguing concept. It is quite a fundamental principle in for our search for the truth of the aspects of reality that define our existence. If he does exist, in the conventional form, then all other aspects of reality could be seen as irrelevant.

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