The third aspect of reality concerns us, thinking human beings. Who made us? How did we get here? These questions actually illustrate the most interesting aspect of reality of all, the real mystery of our origins.  Whatever the cosmology, why humanity? Could we really just be a random product of evolution, or were we created by some one or some thing? If so, why and for what purpose? If we were created and designed to a template, was it by our traditional biblical God? Or could it be by another sort of intelligent designer? What could be the other possibilities?


Above and beyond that, the existence of life, particularly if we are just a random accident, is itself actually a great mystery. How do you actually define life? There are criteria, but science still has no proper explanation as to why random cocktails of chemicals in the primeval seas of Earth became primitive living things. Why did these simple life forms evolve into the complex animals and plants that we see today? At what point did we become human with consciousness and awareness? What is the purpose of this consciousness? What does its very existence say about our possible origins, and overall big picture? What actually are we?



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