Tthe reality of decision making

There are people around us who pride themselves on always making decisions logically. The interesting thing is that they are not always as right as they think they are. Our brain, through our sense organs, is always registering and synthesizing information. Our conscious mind could simply not cope if it was aware of all that our eyes, skin ears nose and mouth were always taking in. Our thinking brain would be overloaded if it were to be consciously processing all the information that our sense organs were absorbing. We are consciously aware of only a small amount of of what is actually going on.

Much of the information does not get as far as being registered in our conscious mind, although our subconscious mind may be aware of it. Sometimes this manifest itself in something like intuition. We know something but do not know why we know it. It is also worth mentioning that the information is then processed through, and made sense of, in the context also of our previous experiences. This may include past life experiences.

Logic is a very valuable tool in any decision, provided all the parameters are known. For other decisions, instinct and intuition, combined with logic is often the more powerful method. It simply gives access to a wider base for decision making. Our subconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind. Without instinct and intuition, logical decisions may be fine on small clear cut matters, on the complex issues instinct is almost always a better bet. Trust your gut feelings!!!!!!!

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