Thought for the day

 I was asked to do a thought for the day sequence for a Facebook group ( Nothing fancy spiritual) and I thought I would share it here as it gets to the heart of what I am trying to achieve with my web blog.

Thought for the day,

In all my research for my books on the nature of reality, I started with two burning questions. Who are we, and what are we really doing here? Simple questions but actually almost unanswerable.

We are taught either the science or the faith based explanations but are we, as limited human beings, actually supposed to know? Reality is multi layered, but all I can say is that the big picture is vaster and more complex than we can ever dream of.

I use the glitter ball analogy. A glitter ball will hang on a ballroom ceiling. It is as it is, but as it turns all we can see are the reflections bouncing back into the room. What we see, depends on what light is shining on what facet and where we are standing in the room at the time.

As spiritual thinkers and writers we are continually trying to decode the reflections, or aspects, which we can see, and try and look beyond to the real big picture which answers my first two questions.

How can we begin to know? Well there are clues there in plain sight, if you know where to look.

I will be sharing those insights over the next few days. I will end today with another questions. How and when did you know that our reality was not what you had been taught it was?

Marian Matthews

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