Total Earth energies

What I thought would be a simple topic- Earth energies- has become a complex and fascinating one. I have learnt so much, but have also had tantalizing glimpses of energies and grids which are beyond usual comprehension. The Earth, it seems, is a seething mass of interacting energies. Some of these we use to ensure our survival and some we can use to enhance our spiritual power or heal. Some of which are scientifically measurable, some are not. There are also clues that the energies are part of a bigger cosmos wide system. We, and our Earth are part of a matrix of vibrating energy.

Science tells about the Sun’s energies driving our ecosystem and allowing the cycle of life. It also protects us, via the heliosphere, from some of the debris that is floating about in space.

The magnetic field and grid of the Earth protect us from the solar wind of charged particles that streams out from the sun.

Gravity holds Earth in potions around our Sun, us on the surface  and our moon in orbit around us. These natural forces sometimes seep up via cracks or anomalies in the surface of the Earth and create ley lines. There are also anomalies in the magnetic grid which create vortexes or anti gravity spots which some think are linked to other worlds and other dimensions. There are clues that the natural energy grid of the Earth has been used as a power source by ancient races or alien visitors in our past.

Science also, on a quantum level, tells us that as fundamentally beings made of nothing more than vibrating pockets of energy (quanta), we and our Earth are linked across all of physical creation and beyond.

Zero point field theory also shows that fundamental energy particles permeate all of creation, flickering in and out of existence continually.

Beyond Science

There is another layer of energies which science can not yet detect.

The Earth itself may be a sentient being Gaia. She may have spiritual energy systems which may also seep out of the cracks in the form of subtle energy. This is also used to enhance intentions and spells and to be used in healing.

The universe seems to be infused also with spiritual or subtle energy, a universal  healing or creating energy stream for our use.


As inhabitants of the Earth and living on its surface, we contribute to the Earth energies. Our auras, both the biochemistry of our working physical bodies and  our spiritual bodies, spread out around us and interact with all the other surrounding energies. This is true of all living things.

What else?

Many of the energies surrounding us are beyond science. Some are known about, some are yet unknown. We are undoubtedly part of a bigger system than that which we are of aware yet. Earth energies is a topic that could run for ever!

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