Ultimate reality

I watched a recording of the science programme “Horizon” recently. It was about black holes,  and the problems that they cause science as the normal laws of physics seem not to apply at the singularity at the very heart of them. The last quarter of the broadcast, though, was to me the most interesting. It concerned the fundamental nature, the ultimate reality of the rest of the universe and the laws which drive the behaviour of every particle. That is quantum mechanics. At the atomic and sub atomic level nothing is certain. Every thing is perpetually in motion. Nothing is fixed. As we are quantum beings this applies to us.I have discussed this and what it means  for our reality often, because it is, well, fundamental. It involves principles, and I simplify, such as:

-The mere act of observing changes what you see.

-You cannot say definitely where anything is, just where it is likely to be. It can also be in more than one place at once.

-Once a particle has been in contact with another it is forever linked .

Most importantly,


What does that mean for our individual reality? After all we seem to be in a fixed stable solid state. Well that is the interesting question.

Does it come down to our consciousnesses choosing and holding together our personal reality? Can, as some people believe, we manifest our own reality as we go ? Personal multiple realities (another scientifically respectable concept) are very possible. A whole world of possibilities opens up.

Certainly a mind blowing concept. All I can say is that physicists involved believe that the world it describes is the true nature of our reality.

Huge food for thought anyway!


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