Vile Vortexes

 Vortexes are funnel shapes created by whirling fluids ( whirlpools) or by the motion of spiraling energy (tornadoes).  They can be large or small, harmless or dangerous.  They can, as discussed in the last few weeks, also be composed of gravitational or electromagnetic forces.


As I showed in my recent post gravitational anomalies, the Earth is not actually the smooth perfectly round ball structure that we see on maps and charts. Also, gravity is not an even force. It varies in strength depending where we are on the planet. Usually weaker as it passes through the oceans and stronger on the hard rocks of the mountains. There are also other variations. I have written about gravitational anomalies and the creation of ley lines and gravitational vortexes in the last few weeks my  Earth energies thread.


Similarly, the Earth’s magnetic forces are not even either. The Earth is like a giant magnet. We have a North pole (negative) and a South pole (positive). This routinely fluctuates slightly and has historically  been known to reverse. Some scientist think that a pole reversal is long over due.The Earth’s magnetic field creates an electromagnetic grid around the Earth. This is not always as even as us non scientists would expect it to be. Also, something called Diamagnetism comes into play.


As Richard Lefors Clark PHD explains in, Anti gravity and the world grid, Diamagnetism is essentially a magnetic-neutral zone existing between a north and south magnetic field. ( Known as a Bloch Wall in physics) He explains that diamagnetism is also the root of anti gravity. He also believes that there are many magnetic flow reversal points on the Earth marked by grid points, similar to those discussed in my post, The crystalline Earth, and marked on the above map, such as the so called Bermuda Triangle.

He states that ” Diamagnetism operates at 90% from magnetic, but in 3 directions, and not flat and two dimensional  as usually drawn, If magnetism flows in the plane of the Earth’s surface, then diamagnetism flows straight up. Straight up is the direction that we call levitation or anti-gravity. ”

These vortexes are supposedly known about and used, but kept secret and even fought over by our scientist and military establishments. The ancients and previous civilizations seemed also to have some knowledge about them also. They can be harnessed and there is also a belief in some circles that they are also portals into other dimensions. If you wander into them, you may find yourselves space dust or living in a parallel dimension!

Far fetched? Not necessarily, there is some science as well as the ancient wisdom and alternative thinking.

Aspects of reality

There are many magnetic flow reversal points on the Earth. This helps create dangerous anti gravity vortexes in certain places on the Earth.

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