What Angels actually do

12903761_747682618664845_211643636_oBeautiful Angel picture painted by Jackie Yates.

Of all the different definitions and views on Angels, the one that resonates with me the best I found in the book, Ask your Angels by Daniel,Wyllie and Ramer.

They say that  angel is a generic name for the collective group of beings-citizens of inner space- whose responsibilities include the harmonious organization of the the inhabited universe. They may be the thoughts of God or the creation of the divine mother spirit.

“Angels are intelligent beings, capable of feelings, yet a different species, who have their existence on a slightly finer vibrational frequency from the one to which our physical senses are tuned.This means we cannot perceive them ordinarily with our eyes and ears, but they can perceive us. Our realities interpenetrate one another =with their reality encompassing and enfolding ours.”

The authors believe that it is possible to befriend and talk to your personal guardian Angels. This is not only for your personal good, but they can help us work towards personal and global transformation.

Aspects of reality

Angels are beings like us, but existing on a higher and finer vibrational frequency.

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