What do angels look like?

conventional angelPeople, across religions and personal experience, see Angels differently. Not only because of different sensitivities,(see post 18th February, The reality of why we cannot always see other beings around us) but because to some extent we see what we expect to see. Our brain, on seeing something new, will search our “databases” and tend to show us what we expect an Angel to look like. Once Renaissance  painters started to portray Angels with wings and human like bodies, that is how many people began to see them. Although some people, and religions, only see them as energy beings and to complicate things, some Angels do seem to take human form.

After all, historically, Angels who interacted with humans, such as Abraham, came in human form and were only recognized as Angels afterwards.

Aspects of reality

Because of differences in our sense organs and the way we perceive and organize information we all see things differently to a larger or smaller degree. It is all valid.


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