What do we mean by good?

purple-question-markGood and evil are terms that we  freely use in one context or another all the time. We think that we know what they mean, but actually both are harder to define or pin down than you may think. This is particularly true of good. There are many meanings to the word good. Many involve words such as morality or righteousness which themselves are concepts hard to pin down. They are also subjective and man made. Of benefit or advantage to someone or something , is another definition. Doing no harm to anyone is also “good”. Perfection, whatever that is, is “good”. A good idea is worth pursuing. The concept of good as a force, though, is something sometimes that we understand instinctively without having the words to describe what it actually means. All that can perhaps be pinned down is the concept of not letting pursuing your own interests harm others. Doing the right thing by all you come in contact with is also good, but what if then it happens that this disadvantages or harms people that you do not even know exist? Are these actions then evil?  The more you look at it the more  difficult and complex it becomes to define. So, is good unselfishness, or a force, a set of God given instructions, a counterbalance to evil,  or just a way we have evolved enabling us live our lives with least harm to those around us? What do you think? Marian

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