What else don’t we see?


Last week I had lunch with a lovely lady called Pauline. She had responded to my request for information for my new book, (Further Aspects of Reality.)  One of the topics that I plan to explore is that of extra-terrestrial interaction with our Earth, both now and in the past. Pauline said that she was willing to share her experiences with me.

Lord Ashtar

I had a very interesting working lunch. We discussed her physic communication with Lord Ashtar. He is the commander of a fleet of gigantic space ships currently in orbit around the Earth.  He and his crew are here to help Earth through its current troubles.  This is a topic I will be covering in greater depth in the future. One of my main questions was though, “Why cannot we see him and his crew or any of the other aliens that others think are among us?” This has always puzzled me. I know many people have had experience with alien interaction. Although there are many photos of some alien species and ships, we do not seem to have them openly walking about, despite the fact that there are supposed to be many of them here.

Vibrational beings

The answer that she gave me made perfect sense though. If you remember, all matter, everything that makes up the physical world, including us, are at base, constructed from nothing more than vibrating parcels of energy called quanta.  Quanta vibrate at different frequencies depending on the nature of the particle. There are “notes” missing in the scale of vibrational frequencies. The theory is that these missing notes are vibrating in different dimensions that we can not see . This is the basis for quantum mechanic’s “ String Theory”.

Also, our eyes and all our sense organs are fairly limited things. They are set up (or evolved to) only register certain wave lengths or frequencies that exist in our world. There may be much around us that we do not see or hear because they are vibrating on notes that we are not set up to receive.

Some people are more evolved, or more sensitive, though, and get glimpses of, or communications from, those beings vibrating in frequencies that we are normally unable to register.

What don’t we see?

This set me thinking though, what else is around us that may have even evolved with us on Earth that we cannot see or interact with? Would it be possible in the future to design equipment to enable us to see all frequencies? Or are we already seeing things but our limited human brains cannot process the information?

What do you think?


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