Where did life come from?

One of the great mysteries in the history of mankind is that of life itself. Did you ever wonder where biological life actually began?  Or why it did begin? What made strings of atomic elements organise themselves into simple organisms and then evolve into plants and animals? What then triggered the tree of life that culminated in us, complex, independent and conscious beings? This is actually one of the greatest puzzles of all. It is also one that science cannot, despite desperately trying, answer at all. They can tinker with existing cells to make new combinations, but they are unable yet to create life from scratch. Where did it all start and why did it? Also what does the fact that it did start say about the truth of our reality?


There are several theories as to life’s origins on our planet.

  • Up until now the main thought has been that life originated in the primordial seas of primitive Earth. Lightning strikes into the mineral rich waters are supposed to have begun the process, somehow causing the chemicals to form themselves into crude life forms that then evolved over millions of years.
  •  There is also a school of thought that assumes that life was seeded from other worlds, arriving on meteors.
  • Some people even believe that human life was deliberately seeded by alien races, for their own purposes.
  •  There is also a theory that life began in the vents of the deep oceans, one particular scientist. Nick Lane, of University College London, has been actively trying to recreate conditions existing there in the laboratory to test this theory.  Even if Mr Lane manages to prove that the likelihood is that life on Earth did begin there, there are many questions left unanswered.  Organic life is such a special and unique concept, that getting the right chemicals in the right conditions, does not really explain how primitive cells formed and became autonomous beings. Let alone why these primitive cells should have evolved to become conscious entities.

Aspects of reality

There may be different aspects at work here,

  • The progress toward life may have been encoded in the mathematics underlying the physical structure of the universe.
  • We may be holograms and organic life is an illusion.
  •  Life  has evolved randomly.
  • Life has evolved to a plan by an intelligent designer of some sort.
  • The physical world has been created by God and we have been designed and placed here for a higher purpose.

Fascinating subject anyway, what do you think?













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