The reality of where Karma is stored

karma 1 I asked David Russell, one of my most valuable commenters  where he thought Karma was stored. The answer was so interesting that I have reproduced it here, verbatim.

“Where is karma stored? I have a tale to tell. Some years ago, in the Lancet, the renowned journal of the British Medical Association, there was an article about two research projects that had been looking at levels of stress in newly born babies. It had been observed that newly born babies often came into the world with five times the amount of stress in their nervous systems than even the most traumatic birth could produce. It said in the article that research would be undertaken to find out where this stress came from. Not surprisingly when I tried to find the original research papers they had been removed from the Lancet archives and nothing more was ever heard about the up and coming research. When I thought about it I could understand why the Lancet had removed these research papers. It was because the source of this stress could never be pinned on science but only on spirituality. The BMJ does not deal with spiritual matters only scientific ones. This confirmed for me what I had long believed and even experienced. Karma is stored in the nervous system in the form of stresses. You must have wondered why some babies look so stressed. This is the reason. In my experience stress and karma are so similar as to be almost the same thing. On long meditation retreats, when the stress is moving out of the system at a pace, it has always surprised that karma happens at exactly the same pace. Of course, I cannot be sure about any of this but one has to follow ones nose and this where it has led me. Like stress itself, karma is hard to remove, relieve or soften. Meditation — any meditation — is specifically designed to remove stress from the nervous system and, thereby, also the karma. It is said that when all one’s karma has been spent Enlightenment results. And I can believe that. I teach a powerful meditation system but only ever recommend that people meditate twice a day for periods of 20 minutes each time. This is just enough to remove stresses from the nervous system without it making karma fall on you from a high place. Meditation makes karma move faster. And that is always a good thing.”

Aspects of reality

Karma may be stored in the nervous system

Meditate may help remove the stresses thus caused.

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  1. judith says:

    I think David’s article is interesting, not because of his views on Karma, but because of the research and the Lancet.
    Increasingly I am aware that whilst science has brought some great breakthroughs, at what price?
    Increasingly it seems that ‘the scientist’ is replacing the parish priest. 100’s of years ago your parish priest told you what God meant for you (The rich man in his castle etc), and you were expected to unquestionably believe.
    Now it’s ‘the scientist’. When asked why their theories are more valid than say a person who believes in karma/aliens/angels, they say it is based on evidence which is somehow different than the person who believes, and yet the theories constantly change. Look at the recent saturated fat debate, which now looks like a big business manipulation. I don’t trust scientists. Apologies for long comment.

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