Who and what are we actually?

What and who are we actually?

We think we know who and what we are.When we look about us, at our fellow humans and the world and universe around us, we see seemingly solid entities, rocks, seas and stones stars and planets. Reality, we think, looks substantial and fixed. This is actually an illusion.

We, and everything around us, are constructed from atoms. These atoms and particles are themselves nothing more than vibrating energy pulses in combination bound together by the atomic energy within those structures. Seeming solidity is just a matter of relative densities. My desk and chair are denser than me, so I can sit at them. Air is less dense so I can walk through it.

Atomic, gravitational and electromagnetic and spiritual energies seethe through our creation.  Science also believes that we are living in a multi dimensional reality. The laws of quantum mechanics which govern these vibrating energy pulses from which we are constructed are strange and almost magical. Through them we are all interconnected in a creation wide web .May be in more than one dimension.

We are at base nothing but energy beings living in an energy matrix. We could be no more than holograms! This opens up multiple possibilities as what we actually are and where we come from. We could be an alien computer simulation, we could just be a random result of evolution via the big bang, or we could have been placed here by a creator God or intelligent designer of some sort .There are also other possibilities too complex to air in a short thought.

So, as ever more questions than answers. The burning question is though. If we are nothing more than energy beings living in an energy matrix,. How do we know we are “real” at all?

That I will try and answer next time.

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