Who or what are angels?

angel-of-lightIn my book, Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe, there is a section on Angels within the chapter discussing what other beings seem to be with humanity, helping us, in our reality.

Angels, of course, are special. They are entwined within our history and culture, both mainstream and alternative, but it is perhaps time to look back again at who and what they actually are and where they come from.

They are definitely a different species of being existing on a finer plane of vibration than we do.That is why we can rarely see them but they can see us. The question is though, are they just a different branch of Earth or other planet evolution, or are they messengers from a creator God designed and sent to humanity to help fulfill his purpose?

Ideas about Angels

-Some people believe that Angels are just a collection of beings responsible for the harmonious organization of the inhabited universe. They help mankind to promote this harmony.

-They may also just be an alien race helping mankind for its own purposes.

-They may also just be a separate species co-existing on Earth with us, whose vibrational differences mean that our eyes and equipment cannot usually detect them.

-Some people understand them to be the thoughts of God.

-Others believe that they were created by the Divine Mother spirit or our biblical God to watch over and assist mankind.

-Angelos means messenger -they are sometimes perceived to be messengers from our creator, working with a Universal Mind to help us raise our vibrational levels and link in with the bigger picture for the higher good of all.

-There is a source of inner knowingness in us all. Angels can help us tap into it for all our benefit.

Aspects of reality

Until we really understand the big picture of reality we, as limited beings, cannot understand which, if any, of the above  are wholly true statements.

All I do know is that some people do see, or work with, Angels.



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