Why alien contact?

spaceshipsLast time I asked what the aliens who interact with us were actually doing. Observing, trying to save us, guiding or harvesting genetic material for their own purposes?

We presume their intent is benign..there has not anyway any, or many, reports of attacks. This is fortunate, as any race that has the technology to cross billions of miles of space could make easy meat of us if they chose. Are we been prevented from destroying ourselves? What dangerous technology have they stopped working? Is our own space race being controlled or curtailed? Are we just being guided through a difficult stage in our development?  Again there are more questions than definitive answers.

As is said in a book that I recently read, The world’s greatest UFO and alien encounters, ”We have the problem of seeing it all through human eyes which define everything into a benevolent or malevolent framework and slot everything into a convenient moral frame work,” We do not really know if this contact is for our own good or serves a more sinister higher purpose.

Aspects of reality

1- We are not alone

2- If any alien race is hostile we would be an easy target.

3-Our human perceptions may judge aliens actions wrongly.


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