Why do we need to know? 2

Why should we know 2

Last time I asked why it was important for us to understand the truth about our reality.

The answer was (as I understand it ) ,that according to Buddha, it is lack of understanding of the truth about our reality, that causes suffering to ourselves and others and allows  us to carry out actions that trigger may laws of Karma and cause further problems in various life times.

So what is it that we have to understand? Well on one hand too much to easily put into words in a short post. People spend life times working it out!

But on the other hand, simply that we are energy beings living in an inter- connected energy matrix. Every action and interaction affects the matrix. Everything you do and feel has consequences, often over many life times. Understand that we are part of a great game, most of which is out of our control and may be pre planned, on many levels. Play well, play honest, play kind. As Albert Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion. Albeit a very persistent one.”

Understand this and it becomes easier to play, that is why we should know.

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