Why we are here?

question earth  We can probably never really know what is going on in this reality of ours. Though my blogs, books and Facebook group and page (Aspects of Reality) I am trying to share the insights that have come to my attention about the true nature of our reality. I do not have all the answers, but all I am trying to do  is give people the tools, ideas and structure do their own thinking on these matters.  I also learn a lot from reader feedback and comments, which often set me off on a new train of thought or research.(Thank you)

I have come to the end, for now, of my thread about what happens when we die and leave our physical bodies, but I recently came across some wisdom that made me really think. It came down to a simple question that sometimes gets forgotten- why are we born in the first place?  What is the point of this Earthly life?

Well we cannot be really sure until we get to the next level, and understand the real big picture. Some people would say it is a matter of faith, but it comes down to, I believe, seeking experience of all possible variations of life and the subsequent spiritual development. It is a question we do not ask ourselves enough though, as we work our way through this incarnation.

Aspects of reality

Questions that are not asked enough, why are we born in the first place?  What is the point of this Earthly life? If we could properly answer that we would be able to understand the big picture of our reality.


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